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10:31 am on Friday October 23, 2009

Port security initiative receives $800,000 grant

Read more stories on this subject in our Project Seahawk topic page.The Department of Homeland Security has given Project Seahawk an $800,000 grant to continue operations into 2011.   The Charleston-based port security initiative has become a model...
2:39 am on Thursday October 1, 2009

Funding dissipates for acclaimed port security program Project Seahawk

Image by Flickr user simminchImage by 20091001-coast.jpg Read more stories on this subject in our Project Seahawk topic page. Charleston's nationally praised port security program, Project Seahawk, has run out of funding. The job of the...
4:39 pm on Monday July 6, 2009

Charleston's port security program Project SeaHawk nationally praised

Image by Flickr user J D MackImage by 20090706-ports.jpg A port security initiative in Charleston that advocates law enforcement agencies sharing resources and information, Project SeaHawk, has become a national model of how local, state and federal...
7:26 am on Monday August 11, 2008

Charleston program a model in national security

In Charleston resides the national model program, Project SeaHawk. It's high-tech, but it's also a model for how different agencies can come together to work on national safety. In this case, it's for the Port of Charleston. The Post and Courier did...