Myrtle Beach to pursue rerouting US 501 to Seventh Avenue North

Myrtle Beach City Council on Tuesday gave staff the green light to move forward with plans to realign U.S. 501 to come straight to the beach.

The city has discussed reconfiguring the road for years but never has been able to see the project through.

“The concept of taking 501 straight on through to Seventh Avenue North is not new,” assistant city manager Ron Andrews said. “It’s been around since 2008. But we always talk about it to a point and then stop. I think right now if there is a desire or willingness to move forward we can do that. ... It’s going to take some fortitude to do that.”

Council members said they supported staff taking initial steps to straighten out the road, which would require the demolition of at least one building. Those beginning steps include speaking with businesses that would be impacted.