Kulture Klash Konfessions

Image by Geoff Marshall/TheDigitelImage by confess.jpg All statements are unverified, and of course do not necessarily reflect any opinion of TheDigitel. And when in doubt you should probably just assume all statements were just made up.

Kulture Klash 4 came on Saturday, and rather than just write a standard report on the event we thought we'd go ahead and get involved a little more than usual.

Someone came up with the idea of having a webcam to record snapshots of people's thoughts. And before we knew it Digitelers Amanda, Geoff and Stella took the idea of having a video camera and built an entire 'Confession Booth' for people to come and unload, and it proved to be very popular.

It was quiet at the eight o'clock event start, but once people had a drink inside them they were literally lining up to reveal all -- most of which we really can't publish because it would get us in trouble. Well that, and our moms would not be very proud of us either!

So here's the ones we can use; a little fun video full of "confessions" and glimpses into Kulture Klash 4.

We're looking forward to KK5 in the autumn already.

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