The Green Fair: A celebration of sustainable living

Image by Geoff MarshallImage by greenisgood.jpg

Charlestonians gathered Sunday, September 28, to celebrate Charleston’s efforts to promote a green, sustainable lifestyle in the form of the Charleston Green Fair.

A plethora of organizations gathered to collaborate to their efforts like:, Habitat for Humanity, Earth Force, and many more.

Fun activities like rock climbing and face painting were provided for and enjoyed by environmentalists of all ages.

Larissa Clarke, a volunteer for Earth Force’s Youth Action Board and a student at Charleston’s School of the Arts, gave her opinion of the day:
Charleston Green Fair is really getting people to understand the importance of being green. There are so many people out there realizing how many businesses in Charleston that are green.

Locals were catching the drift of how to be Green in Charleston. When asked what people can do to be "green," Program Manager of the Lowcountry Workforce, Stacey Littlefield enthusiastically recited, "Recycle, recycle, recycle!"

Go Green Charleston also shared their thoughts on the event, generally loving it but also had their own critiques. A like:
The vibe was very good. Easy going, lots of Frisbee, and not much in-your-face activism. The event seemed to be more focused on education and celebration.

A dislike:
The lack of vegetarian food at the food court. After not driving, not eating meat is the #2 thing you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. They can do better next year.

They've also got some good photos.

But, all-in-all, the day’s success will hopefully reel in another Green Fair next fall, but until then, you can do your part to promote green, sustainable living.