Veins in Weird Places: The Importance of Celebrating Progress

Growing up watching football with my Dad, a lifetime football coach, all I ever wanted to do was be a football star. Football is a sport that requires mental toughness, physical strength, and speed. I was fortunate enough to have 2 of those to make for a decent ballplayer.

When I first started training for football by lifting weights, I was 15 years old. My parents wouldn't let me start any younger than that. They thought it might stunt my growth in the long run. But when I was finally allowed to lift weights, it was on!

I loved lifting weights and being able to compare myself to my peers. I also began to notice a change in my body, I started to see progress. Celebrating progress drove me to want to work even harder in the weight room.

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When we forgo celebrating progress, opting instead to "focus in" on our goals, we're losing some powerful momentum towards those achievements.