TheDigitel launches local sponsorship opportunities

TheDigitel is excited to begin our gold sponsorship program. We are offering this program because there are a lot of businesses that we like in Charleston. We are also trying to support ourselves.

We love what we do. We want to continue doing it. We think you kind of like what we do, too. So there you have it, a chance for the both of us to support each other.

TheDigitel's goal is simple: Sift through all that impacts Charleston, curate it, and offer it to our readers. Sometimes we have an opinion. Sometimes the stories speak for themselves.

We try to make it easy and fun for our readers. We try to offer the most interesting stories, photographs and videos and present them with style, substance and clarity.

Beyond extolling our self-proclaimed news savvy, we are trying to foster a unique community experience. A lot of media is a one shot deal. Someone writes an article, people comment about the article, and then that's it. We, on the other hand, like conversation. We want our readers to voice their opinions, to share their stories and interact with us.

We want to open the doors. In fact, we want to break them down.

This approach influences how we choose our sponsorships, too.

There are some businesses in Charleston that we just can't say enough about how great they are. We like what they're about. We like what they do and how they do it. We think their work is important and should be recognized.

Now, want to hear the nitty gritty?

As a Gold Sponsor, you have a smorgasbord of advertising streams working in your favor. A graphic appears next to the search box on TheDigitel's site. That graphic shows the world that you are a Gold Sponsor.

Of course you get numerous links to your site, and you are in our RSS feed (this is a simple yet effective tool that brings your business lots of visitors).

The Gold Sponsorship also includes:
Search ranking enhancement
Your message in popular content areas
No distracting advertisements to take the spotlight away from you
High definition photos
A message in our weekly podcasts
A text plug in our videos

How many pennies are we talking about?

Gold Sponsor rates run $2,000 per week.

We know what you're thinking: "Youch."

Compare traditional advertising and a Gold Sponsorship with TheDigitel, the advantages are pretty obvious.

Not only does your promotion run for seven days, it costs far less than even a one-time half-page ad in any local publication. But to flatly compare an advertisement to a sponsorship is folly.

When you sponsor us we not only provide more exposure, in better ways, than any of the other guys out there, but we tell our readers what a great part of the community you are, and that's not something that can be bought, it's earned.

And remember, this is an exclusive engagement. It's you and us. Together. We're doing it well and for the right reasons.

Once again, we're excited about this. We hope you are too. Thanks for taking the time to read this little missive. It's our way of saying, “We're confident you'll be happy with your investment. Come on board. Join TheDigitel. Become a Gold Sponsor today.”

Call (843) 278-5886 or e-mail.

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