Most Expensive House Ever Sold In Charleston MLS Changes Hands

A house with perhaps the best view in Charleston, just tied the record for the most expensive house ever sold through the MLS.

100 Haddrell Street, closed last week for $7.5 Million Dollars.  What recession?

Perched on the corner of Shem Creek and Charleston Harbor, this house really does have it all.  Worth $7.5 Million?  That’s a lot of money but I’d say, yes, this house IS worth that much.

I did a search in the MLS for any houses sold over $7 Million in the Charleston area and only four results came up.  Two were downtown and one was on Kiawah.  This makes the fourth.

The previous high of $7.5 Mill was set back in 2000 by a 6600 sq foot Kiawah Island house.

For those curious, if the buyer agent did in fact receive a full 3% commission, (which nobody knows for sure) he would have taken home a check for $225,000!  And sadly no, it was not me…

But that’s not the most shocking number associated with this house.  How much would a mortgage cost on $7 Million or so?  Try about $37,000 a month!

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