Fashion Insights from Fashion Insiders : Elizabeth Olsen

1. What is your name and your involvement in the fashion industry?
Elizabeth Olsen, founder ceo/designer- olsenhaus- pure vegan
2. Which trend/ trends are you most excited about this upcoming season?
For spring 2011- I went with a combination of things- think warm vintage beach nights- with a muted, more off color palette nautical elements- rope, cork, fun print- mixed with a more modern, sci-fi look- but overall i keep the spring collection classic and simple-and as always the line is vegan, it is not made of or with any animal materials, once you know what is going on with the animals, it is not possible to be a conscious awake beings and participate in it-so its vegan, and i also use recycled and sustainable materials style's heel is made with recycled materials- recycled water bottles, detergent bottles and milk jugs..the line was created to show one must not sacrifice "style"- to be aware and conscious that's why i created the line,
3. Is there a good way to incorporate the style/styles you mentioned in question two?
I think the future is all about mixing elements of nature and technology- as we head towards 2012- there is an overall connection between humanity, other kingdoms and a pull towards environment, all the while still moving at lightening speed in electronics/technology merging of mind, body ,spirit- dress to suit yourself so you are happy and everything else falls into place, wearing things that have a story, a good memory and most importantly- the who, what, where of the item- who made this, and under what conditions, where? What is it made out of, animals that suffered? Plants covered in pesticides?
4. In your opinion what are some of the most common mistakes people make regarding fashion and style?
First and foremost seeing the usage of animals, through barbaric means- ie: fur, leather, wool- etc- as acceptable and seeing these items as "luxury" i don't adhere to rules of fashion/style- i don't even consider myself in "fashion"- my collections are functional- but i look at them more like art
5. What must you have and can't live without? And why?
A clear conscience, music, the beach, trees clothing-wise- black-tank tops & yoga pants, i live in them......
6. What is your fashion motto or style guideline for yourself while shopping or deciding what to wear?
I keep basics- jeans, black everything and bxw stripes always in the closet- and add a few pieces by designers, or accent is my favorite... I always buy pieces when i travel- so it always reminds me of that when i wear it....
7. Do you have fashion tips for our male readers?
I am coming out with mens shoes this summer- so buy them....i've waited for the right manufacturer to make very good quality mens shoes, and they are made it the usa!
8. As someone in the fashion industry, what advice would you give to those who aspire to also work in the industry?
You must always remember love it, do the work to become good, be talented, and willing to work very, very hard.....and learn that there are times to let the creative wings fly- and time to make a sell-able, marketable product- there is a balance-Also look to create products that have purpose, are simple and thoughtful and make the world a better place..........
9. What do you look for in accessories and shoes?
Unexpected details, attention grabbing, color combos, good styling & quality, and believe it or not- comfort in the shoes- not slipper level- but can walk down the street in nyc comfort....
10. Who is your style icon?
Right now-fran lebowitz, vintage lauren hutton & barbarella
11. What are you wearing today?
Working from him with a few meetings so....dark jeans, b x w striped shirt, navy jacket, diamond stud earrings &- bare feet!- surrounded by shoes- haha
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