Dance floor is hopping at Senor Frog's

Photo Courtesy: Myrtle Beach Scene

Senior Frog's has quickly become the destination for tourists and locals during the day but really comes alive at night when it becomes one of the most popular dance clubs in town.

Opening only a few years ago, Senior Frog's is now a sought after night spot for Spring Breakers, Summertime tourists and our own local College crowd.

Sounds | Looking for somewhere fun to go this spring? Why not head to the party place where anything can happen - Senor Frog's? You'll hear mostly Top 40 tunes alongside some hip-hop and dance music. You'll hear live music on nights when the band plays. And get your fill of Latin music on Sunday nights during Latin dance night.

Sights | Inside Senor Frog's, you'll see party goers who aren't afraid to let themselves go and throw caution to the wind. Most patrons are in their early to mid-20s, but you'll find people in their 30s, too. Basically, the crowd consists of people who want to have fun.

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