Conway Company taking over Recycling for Heritage Preserve Neighborhood

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Horry County seems to be wanting to get out of the Recycling business, or at least take a load off of in some areas. Waste Industries, a Conway Company, will take over the Heritage Preserve, a 78 home neighborhood off of Highway 90. 

[Dale]Todd is hoping to provide Heritage Preserve residents with the 65-gallon cart.

"It gives the ones who really recycle ample room," he said.

Craig Hobart, president of the Heritage Preserve HOA, said the biggest question going into Saturday's meeting is whether residents will have to separate recyclables.

"We're probably going to see some logistical changes as far as containers are concerned," Hobart said.

When the SWA started the six-month pilot curbside pickup program in October, 55 of Heritage Preserve's 78 homes agreed to participate, according to Esther Murphy, SWA's recycling director.

Should Horry County get out of the recycling game and hand it over to private companies? We're not sure. But we know of quite a few "private" communities that are not offered recycling currently due to the city or county not being permitted to come into the neighborhoods, so this may be a solution. 

Read the rest of the story over at The Sun News and find out some interesting stats about the percentage of home owners in this neghborhood who participate in recycling curently.



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