After censure, Lindsey Graham sees defenders from unexpected places

Image by Lindsey Graham

My use of "unexpected" is debatable as the folks I'll name are Republicans, still they wouldn't be my first pick of those that would rebuke the Lexington County GOP's decision to censure Lindsey Graham

First up South Carolina Radio Network points out that Joe Wilson (who represents Lexington County in the U.S. House) has stood up for Graham. 

The Network also points out that four former Lexington County Republican Chairmen have written letters rebuking the decision to censure.

Also worth a mention (though not falling into either the GOP or Dem camp) is Brad Warthen's piece that once again utters his opinion that Lindsey Graham is a "stand up guy," saying in part:

Lindsey Graham deserves a Profile in Courage standing ovation for coming to town on the day after the GOP apparatus in South Carolina’s most Republican county “censured” him for being a stand-up guy, and standing up yet again rather than backing down. That takes chutzpah.

Read that piece over here.

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