PEZ heads unite this weekend (Starts today)

Flickr user Sanandreas

PEZ heads from all over the globe converge onto Myrtle Beach this weekend for the 11th Annual Pez In The Sun Gathering.

From October 27-29, Myrtle Beach will play host to collectors of tiny mint dispensers, know affectionately as Pez. In it's 11th year the Pez In The Sun Gathering showcases some of the rarest Pez candy dispensors in private collections. This odd little convention encourages participants to hop from room-to-room at the Myrtle Beach Springmaid Resort to swap stories, Pez and an assortment of other candy related goodness. People from all over the globe attend the gathering, not only to talk Pez, but to soak up some of Myrtle Beach's finest offerings.

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