South Carolina's 2010 Census data released, analyzed

Image by U.S. Census Bureau

The state's 2010 census data was released Wednesday, and The Post and Courier has an article on what the numbers say and how the state's demographics and population have changed over the past decade.

The Post and Courier has photos and a video on the 2010 results, or you can take a look at the U.S. Census Bureau's website for additional information.

Here's some noteworthy numbers for you to marinate on:

  • Charleston is still the second largest city in the state with 120,083 residents - that's just 9,189 shy of Columbia's reported 129,272 residents.
  • The number of Hispanic South Carolinians rose from 95,076 to 235,682, a 148% jump.
  • Mount Pleasant saw a 43% rise in population, making it the state's fourth-largest city with 67,843 residents.

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