Snow possible, but unlikely Thursday night and Friday morning

Image by Flickr user Atle Brunvoll

Precipitation is possible late Thursday night and early Friday morning, unfortunately there are several things working against your dreams of pelting neighbors with snow balls.

First the wintry mix conditions are expected to come when its dark out and whatever hits the ground isn't expected to stay long, on top of that the moisture will come as we experience on warmest day yet of 2010, meaning much of the would-be-snow will likely come as water or icy rain. 

The National Weather Service says:

Light rain possibly transitioning to snow between [late night] and daybreak Friday...when surface temperatures begin to drop below freezing. 

The front will quickly move offshore friday morning...with precipitation chances ending from west to east. Strong cold advection on friday will suppress temperatures during the afternoon...resulting in a very chilly day. High temperatures will struggle to reach 40 degrees inland.

Still, you never know.

And careful of ice on the roads and bridges the Friday morning commute.

Here's the full forecast.

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