Residents react to possibility of low income housing in the Market Common area

photo by flickr user SandiaLabs

The plans for low income housing in the Market Common area, a neighborhood some have paid a premium to live in, were released this past week and not everyone was thrilled.  Some residents cited concerns about increases in crime and decreased property values.  Others were supportive.

As reported by WMBF, the area would be in the vicinity of Emory Road and Fred Nash Boulevard, very close to the intersection of bypass 17 and Farrow Parkway, in the backgate area.   They units would be very similar to those on Mr. Joe White Avenue, and built by the same company - Progress Builders.

In February, the National Low Income Housing Coalition put out a report about the staggering shortage in affordable rental homes and the impact that situation has on communities.  In it they say,

“There are millions of families in the United States whose incomes are so low and whose housing costs are so high that all it would take is a few days out of work with a sick child or one high heating bill to push them into homelessness,” said Sheila Crowley  President of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. “This is the forgotten housing crisis, overshadowed by the emphasis on foreclosed upon or underwater homeowners.” 


“Studies have shown time and again that stable, affordable housing is a deciding factor in maternal and child health, and in whether children will succeed in school. Allowing this shortage to continue will hamper all our other efforts to improve public health and strengthen our educational system.”

The construction is still in its planning stages and awaits approval by the South Carolina Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program before applying for building permits.

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