The State explains their pick of McCain

The State's Brad Warthen elaborates on why they endorsed McCain over Obama:
I’ve made it clear many times that I thought we should have done so in 2000 (in the GOP primary). And my belief in his suitability remains undiminished, despite much that has happened in this general election campaign. (I found both Sen. McCain and Barack Obama more appealing running against the angry elements in their respective parties, rather than as their standard-bearers.) My judgments tend to be cumulative, based on years of observation more than the spin cycle topic of the day.

I just hope that he's right that the McCain of today is the McCain of 2000. Though, still nothing on why McCain is the right choice for the Palmetto State.

Go read his thoughts.

The State also has an opposing viewpoint on why Obama is better, but in the end the paper's official stance is to pull the lever for McCain.

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