Man dead after standoff with Mt. Pleasant SWAT team (Update: 911 Calls)

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(Updates at the bottom.)

60-year-old Mount Pleasant man Richard Cathcart is dead after a three-hour standoff at his Parish Place home.

It ended after Cathcart allegedly pointed a gun towards members of the Mount Pleasant SWAT team at 5:50 p.m. on Tuesday. Team members then shot the man.

Cathcart then died about 30 minutes later at Medical University Hospital.

For more, I'll point you to reports at Live 5 News or The Post and Courier (paywall).

Update September 20: The Post and Courier has followed up with a lengthy article that attempts to establish background on what lead to Tuesday's fatal events.

Reporter Andrew Knapp offers background on Cathcart's general disposition and stories of an alcohol problem, before offering more narrative on the events leading up to the arrival of the SWAT team. 

Read that report here.

Update September 29: Local media have obtained copies of the 911 calls that Cathcart made during the standoff, and Cathcart's assertion that if police did not leave he would, "kill every one of them."

You can listen to a copy of the recordings at NBC News 2.

The Post and Courier also has a report that delves into the contents of the calls, and notes details about another incident in 2009 in which Cathcart made threats (read that here, paywall).

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