In hopes of staying alive, Patriots point looks for a pricier leader (update: leader found, at original price)

Image by Flickr user Hyperion327 Sometimes, it's about who's driving the boat.

Update October 27: Despite efforts to push the salary higher, a new leader has been found, and in a familiar place: retiring Mount Pleasant Town Administrator Mac Burdette.

The Charleston Regional Business Journal has a solid report on the news; read it here.

First reporting: Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum has had rough years for a while, but this past year has been particularly bad as their docked fleet continues to age and the group now needs repay a $9.2 million state loan.

And so, it looks like the board of directors may soon up the salary of their soon-to-be-vacant executive director to attract and keep top talent; The Post and Courier has a nice report on that.

But the most interesting point of that piece comes at the very end when an idea of bringing in visiting ships -- and that's something that might get us locals to visit the museum more than once.

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