Inlet Square 11 part of Frank Theatres' motion seat rollout

Frank Theaters signed a deal with D-BOX Technologies in March to use their MFX seats and the Inlet Square 11 was one of five locations chosen for the first installations that open this weekend. 

The D-BOX MFX uses motion and vibration synced to events in the movie. Each movie needs a motion track authored so not all feature films are supported. The D-BOX has motion tracks for the latest action films like The Hunger Games and Battleship. Of course, just like with the 3D fad there's an $8 premium for the motion seats according to The Sun News. If you're not sure it's worth the price, you can test one out in the lobby of the theater.

"We take pride in offering our guests the most exceptional entertainment experience possible and that includes introducing cutting-edge technologies like D-BOX," said President and CEO of Frank Theatres, Bruce Frank . "These first five locations will present something completely new and different. We're excited to see the reaction at the box office."

We that upcharge, that should bring the price of a 3D motion ticket for a first run movie to around $400 each, give or take. Seriously though, we suspect the additional cost is going to turn off most movie-goers.

If you check out the new seats, let us know what you think, Moneybags!