Dot Dot Dot Mag debuts online

Image Courtesy DotDotDot Mag

North Carolina native and long-time Myrtle Beach resident Donald Perry has launched an exciting new modern lifestyle magazine that focuses on art, music, technology, style, sports, and travel. 

DotDotDot Mag has been in the works for months now and Perry and his crew have just published their first online edition. DotDotDot Mag's website currently reads, regarding the launch of their first online edition, "This issue was created as a prototype to distribute to the public for feedback and comments, which will drive this product into the future."

Coincidentally, the debut issue of DotDotDot Mag also features TheDigitel's very own Paul Reynolds. DotDotDot spoke with Paul about art and technology and providing a space for that here in Myrtle Beach. 

You can read the full interview with Paul here and make sure to checkout DotDotDot's video interview with Paul below. 

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More about Donald Perry, founder of DotDotDot Mag:

Perry is an established creative marketing, production, and publishing executive with more than 15 years of experience focused primarily on the tourism, dining, entertainment, and art industries. His background includes positions with major corporations like Knight-Ridder, The McClatchy Company, and The Brandon Agency. Utilizing his skills in new business development, Perry has launched other entrepreneurial ventures including the highly successful TBSi Advertising. “We felt there was a niche for a new type of publication with a mission to serve the entire arts and technology community...the new school of art...the institution...the future. was created to explore unique artistic creations that push the boundaries of the establishment in order to evoke debate in the art world and promote art that questions the mind while helping the viewer to identify with the lifestyle and artist within.” Although there are many creative online publications, creators intend to offer more. “At DotDotDotMag you’ll be able to read and see just about anything,” Perry said.