How to Apply Catchy Sayings to Your Business

Two Heads

"Two heads are better than; one because they have a good reward for their labor"

This is a popular phrase to use, especially when we're trying to get unstuck on a project. Many people use it and don't even realize it's biblical (Ecclesiastes 4:9), they just spout it out whenever applicable.

I know the nature of the saying and I've heard a handful of sermons taught on it, but sometimes I forget the saying altogether. For the past few weeks I've been working on building this marketing company, creating websites, making connections, prospecting new clients, and honing my skills. But I've been working in a silo.

He's agreed to join my team and now I have someone to whom I am accountable, besides myself. Working solo is tough, and some might say impossible. We all need reinforcement and we all need someone to, at the very least, bounce ideas off of.

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