Charleston's alternative transportation initiative booming; bike lanes still need help

Image by Flickr user Perctheory

The City of Charleston's alternative transportation initiative has been quite successful, from free trolleys to Greenway improvements to planned bike racks. However, the bike lanes on John and Chapel streets still need some improvement.

The bike lanes were thought to be an improvement for cyclists, but they are narrower than the typical four feet, and their positioning in between passing traffic and parked car poses a dangerous obstacle.

But this hiccup won't stop the city from continuing its alternative transportation initiative. The following are in the works or being planned:

  • Bike lanes along St. Andrews Boulevard and Morrison Drive
  • Bike racks along King Street
  • Markings on Chapel Street to alert motorists of the upcoming bike lane
  • And more

Charleston City Paper has an in-depth report on the upcoming changes and the alternative transportation initiative; read it here.

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