Some Charleston Flickr photo finds

Image by Flickr user glasshalffull91

Was doing a bit of digging on Flickr to see if there were any other shots of ice in Charleston, and while I didn't find any of those, I did find some other goodies.

First up we have a collection of photos by user "glasshalffull91" taken around New Year's Day. One of his photos is pictured as the lead art.

His photos aren't going to send your socks flying, but it is a set of well done photos that reminds how nice Charleston can be this time of year.

Check out the thumbnails or the slideshow.

Next up we have the visually more interesting and slightly not as explicitly Charleston photos by tastefully named user "swappingspit."

Seemingly done with a Lomo camera each photo is actually a series of four photos of the same scene tiled together.

These were taken on a warmer day and just recently uploaded.

Check out the thumbnails or the slideshow.

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