Video: Meet the newest Lowcountry HighRollers

Image by Jonathon Stout (aka BadJon Photo)

Local photographer/videographer Jonathan Stout knew that Charleston's roller derby pros had a new batch of recruits and headed out to film them in action and capture a bit of their personalities. 

"I tried to get the majority of them in this video so you can know what to expect this season," says Stout. "You will also see a lot of 'Skater Cam' footage, which I strapped cameras to the actual skaters, some on helmets and others just on the chest or back."

Check that video out up top or on Jonathan Stout's blog. And this isn't by any means the first video Stout has done with the troupe, I'll also give another shout out to his running of the bulls video

Don't forget their new season starts on February 13.

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