'Igniting' South Carolina ideas with a crazy music video

Think about South Carolina and innovative ideas.  Now give me a few words that come to mind.

I'm guessing they weren't: Flashing text, Kanye West, pyrotechnics, and Lindsey Graham. 

Well, they were for the marketing heads that came up with the promotional video for Engenuity SC's "Ignite" event.  But if you haven't watched the video, do it now, we'll wait...

Yeah, the lighter scene at 1:40 with co-chair Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin is my favorite, too.  Either way, we probably wouldn't have posted on the event without this crazy video.

But, in all seriousness, I should say a bit about the event: The November 16th get-together in Columbia is a sort of mixer between those thinking about and doing interesting ideas in the market and those looking to fund such ventures. It's $30 and includes an open bar and food.

Register and learn loads more on their site.