Meeting 'could make or break I-526's extension'

The Coastal Conservation League is urging interested citizens to attend the next Town of James Island meeting where a vote is to be made on the future of I-526's expansion.

That meeting is at Tuesday, March 3, at 7 p.m. at Town Hall at 1238 Camp Road.

If you're somehow unaware, for years the plan has been to continue I-526 from West Ashley, over Johns Island and onto James Island. But many island residents have been protesting saying the road would bring unnecessary sprawl to the island. Others say it is vitally needed. You can learn more about the debate here.

Here's a few details about the upcoming meeting from an e-mail alert sent by the Coastal Conservation League:

URGENT: Please attend the Coastal Conservation League's presentation on the extension of 526 Tuesday, March 3, 7 PM, at Town Hall (1238 Camp Road, by the library).

CCL will be speaking to the Town of James Island, which will then vote on whether or not to approve the extension.

This meeting could make or break 526's extension through our island!

Please click on this link to send Mayor Clark and the Town of James Island your comments BEFORE TUESDAY: