"Fresh Air" Hip-Hop Concert aims to breathe new life into local in need of healthy lungs

Image by "Fresh Air" Hip Hop Concert

HIGHER LEARNING, in collaboration with SHIFT Entertainment, presents “Fresh Air” Hip Hop Concert on Saturday, March 24 at Jimbo’s Rock Lounge in West Ashley. The concert will be held to honor Chantay Evans-Glisson, of North Charleston, in critical need of a double-lung transplant.

I'll let KJ Kearney - H1GHER LEARNING blogger and cousin of Chantay Evans-Glisson - explain in his own words give you some back story:

Chantay R. Evans-Glisson started experiencing extreme shortness of breath around 2003. After an X-ray and other tests, she was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, which caused inflammation in the lymph nodes in her lungs.

Long story short, a double-lung transplant is the only way Chantay can ensure her survival.

It’s the only way she can continue to be a loving sister, a caring wife, and a supportive mother. Her Doctor’s suggest that this is the only way my cousin will be able to see another year.

Chantay is quite literally fighting for her life and I’ll be damned if I sit idly by and do nothing about it. The time for pretending that “everything is going to work out” has long gone and I’m proud to say that my family has done a masterful job raising funds for Chantay’s treatment, what with us already raising over $25,000 to date. Even though we’ve come a very long way, we still have a longer road ahead of us.

“Fresh Air,” is set to be hosted by Baby J of Star 99.7 and will be one of the many fundraisers in honor of Evans-Glisson. The participating artists include:

  • Benjamin Starr-Charleston, S.C. 
  • BigREC-Atlanta, Ga. 
  • Collin Gibson-Atlanta, Ga. 
  • Continental GT-Columbia, S.C. 
  • Forte Bowie-Atlanta, Ga. 
  • OxyXmoron-Florence, S.C. 
  • Righchus-Charleston, S.C. 
  • Shred TVT-Atlanta, Ga. 
  • Z1R0 featuring J. Barr-Morrow, Ga

Doors will open at 7 p.m. and the concert will begin at 8 p.m. The event is open to ages 18 and up with a valid ID. Jimbo’s Rock Lounge is located at 1622 Savannah Highway in the Indigo Village Shopping Center. A $10 donation will be collected at the door.

For more about the concert and participating artists, visit h1gher.com; emails can be sent to contact@h1gher.com or Shift843@gmail.com