Girl Scouts to unleash baked goods on weak populous

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It's that time of year again when those cute little girls in their blue, brownie, and green dresses standing outside of grocery stores taunt the passersby with their purple, green, and red boxes filled with baked yumminess. 

Of course I am referring to Girl Scout Cookies. Expect local scouts to swarm you with order forms, and mothers of scouts to guilt you into buying a few dozen boxes from their little angels. Pre-orders for the sweet treats start on Friday, January 13, 2012 and conclude on January 30, 2012.  Next are booth sales, starting on Saturday, February 25, 2012 and running through March 23, 2012.  Delivery for pre-orders will be in late February into early March.

What cookies will the pushers in green be selling this year? 

Peanut Butter Patty, Shortbread, Lemonades, Thanks-A-Lots, Shout Outs, Caramel deLites (Samoas), Peanut Butter Sandwich, and of course the crème of the cookie crop, Thin Mints!  For a thorough introduction to each variety, check out the Girl Scouts' Find Cookies Now site and click "Meet the cookies." 

But, where does all that cookie dough go towards?

  • With every purchase, approximately 70% of the proceeds stays in the local Girl Scout council to provide a portion of the resources needed to support Girl Scouting in that area, including the  portion that goes directly to the group selling the cookies. The balance goes directly to the baker to pay for the cookies.
  • For more Girl Scout FAQs click here

Want to know how to get the cookies?

Hop on over to, type in your zip code and then watch the countdown until your New Year's Resolution to lose those 10 pounds is blown. You can call the Girl Scout Council of Eastern South Carolina at (800) 868-9911 to find a cookie booth or Girl Scout troop near you.  Or, if you'd prefer to buy on the fly, download the "Find Cookies Now" app for your iPhone here.

How can you stay tuned in to what the Girl Scouts are up too?

Find them on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.


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