Carolina's joins forces with The Bruery for beer dinner

Image by Chrys Rynearson

Chef Jeremiah Bacon of Carolina's is holding a beer dinner this Wednesday at 7pm featuring a selection of five Belgian-style brews from Orange County, CA's The Bruery.

Here's the menu, courtesy of the co-conspirators at the Charleston Beer Exchange:

1st Course:  Chicken Liver Mousse vs. Saison de Lente (6.5% ABV, A-, 96)

2nd Course: Bacon & Savory Cabbage with Carraway Pasta vs. Saison Rue (8.5% ABV, A-, 96)

3rd Course:  Braised Veal Cheeks with Rye Spaetzle vs. Rugbrød (8% ABV, B+, 89)

4th Course:  "Bistro" Filet with Lacianto Kale & Red Eye Gravy vs. Black Orchard (5.7% ABV, B, 77)

5th Course: Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Lavender Honey vs. Orchard White (5.7% ABV, B+, 88)

Carolina's is located at 10 Exchange Street downtown, conveniently next to CBX, a proud purveyor of The Bruery's wares.  Seats are $55 a head, call (843) 724-3800 for reservations.

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