No Place Like Home After the Holidays

Image by Pet Helpers At 4 weeks, a hungry Rhett is one of the many pets available for fostering. recently kicked off the “Foster a Lonely Pet
For the Holidays” program
in conjunction with Hallmark and a heart oozing sense
of holiday altruism to benefit the Charleston Animal Society. For those that missed the chance to bring Spot to a
temporary home with the hustle and bustle of the season, the need is still there and your "for now" pet is waiting.

Pet Helpers Adoption Center is in desperate need of foster families to house their large kitten and puppy populations. Pet Helpers is involved with a similar online network,, an online service that allows potential fosters to see the available animals in realtime.

To be qualified to foster, you need a lot of love, time, a space to dedicate to the animal and a volunteer course from Pet Helpers that will fill in the rest of the blanks. Volunteer Orientations are being offered February 2 (6:00pm) and February 20 (11:00 am). Spots must be reserved, so call (843) 795-1110 to get started with some furry fostering.