Closed for Business presents a special COAST pint night

Image by Robert Donovan

One of downtown's craft beer hot spots, Closed for Business, is hosting a COAST Brewing pint night this Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

As craft draft houses go, Charleston is holding its own. We've got at least one making an effort every section of the Lowcountry, it seems. C4B is jockeying for position as the go-to spot downtown, now boasting 36 taps at the bar, and with special events like this pint night.

COAST Brewing needs no introduction. This husband & wife dynamic brew-o (see what I did there?) produce a growing selection of hand-crafted beers at their North Charleston location. Their original stalwarts as well as their seasonal and special releases please not only local homers like me, but beer geeks all over the country (if BeerAdvocate and RateBeer are any indication).

These two are joining forces for a pint night that promises to please your wallet as well as your palate. All 3 of the offerings will be a mere $4/pint, and free glasses will be available while supplies last.

In no particular order, first up is Boy King Double IPA. We recently wrote about beer's rise to geek stardom. I thought this batch disappeared due to extreme demand, but it looks like C4B had the patience to hang onto some. 9.5% ABV, A, 98.

Next, Buffalo Trace barrel-aged Blackbeerd Imperial Stout. Long name, big taste. Blackbeerd was one of the original 3 beers to come from COAST, a pitch black, roasty Russial Imperial Stout. This year they aged a portion of it in Buffalo Trace whiskey barrels for 7 months. The bottle release was actually the first brewery release of a beer in South Carolina, thanks to our brand-spanking new beer law. This one is a beast on tap, in a good way. 9.3% ABV, A-.

Lastly, the one I'm most excited for, Randallized HopArt IPA. Randallizing is the process of running a draft beer through a "Randall," short for "Randall the Enamel Animal." A deviously simple invention from Dogfish Head, a Randall is a small vessel that you pack full of sticky, delicous, hopefully fresh hops.  The vessel gets hooked into the draft line between the keg and the tap. This way, your beer runs through a bucket of hops before reaching your glass, imbuing it with all kinds of extra resiny goodness. Did I mention they are using locally grown hops?  Cue the appropriate montage. 7.7% ABV, A-, 95.

Closed for Business is open for business at 453 King Street downtown.