Here is what's getting us hyped for Spoleto: Die Roten Punkte

Image by Flickr user 'Lil

If you're looking for some offbeat action at Spoleto Festival USA this year, look no further than Die Roten Punkte.

Die Roten Punkte (The Red Dots) are a German brother and sister duo who play off of the whole White Stripes schtick. The post-punk/electro/rock band will be offering up three sets of mock-serious musical send-ups in their cabaret style performances. The two adorn red, whacked-out outfits and wear clown-like makeup during their shows - these two are a real sight.

The duo is made up of brother Otto on vocals/guitar/keytar and sister Astrid on vocals/drums/glockenspiel. Little known over here in the U.S., the two became household names in Europe after topping the charts in Germany and Poland with their 2005 hits "I'm in a Band" and "Best band in the World."

If you're ready to rock out to some songs that rock, are written about rocking and will have you jamming in our seat, then you better check out Die Roten Punkte. The band will be playing late-night at the Memminger Auditorium on June 3rd, June 4th and June 5th.

p.s. I hear their after parties are going to rage.

Tickets to all shows are $25 a pop.