Elements photography exhibit at SCOOP studios

Image by Sandy Logan

SCOOP studios reveals the effects of abandonment and natural decomposition on organic or man made objects through the lenses of three photographers in “Elements”.  Featured artists are Sandy Logan of Aster Hall, Stewart Young of SCOOP studios, and introducing Cyle Suesz.

The artist reception coincides with the First Fridays on Broad, April 2nd from 5-8 p.m. with the artists in attendance.

Stewart Young, originally from London, travelled the world by boat, studied wooden boat building, progressed to creating sculpture, then ultimately to photography. He now works as a freelance photographer and lives with his wife and son in Asheville, North Carolina.

“While riding my bike along back roads with my camera, I am often surprised and inspired by the things I see at slow speed” says Young. A bike ride turns into a kind of treasure hunt. This series of photos comes from some of these rides. It showcases a few of these once precious, but now rusting and discarded status symbols in all their glory. A new series of photographic prints by Stewart Young, celebrating the beauty of decay, and decline.

Cyle Suesz adds the human element by capturing the beautiful people in natural and once occupied environments. Suesz remarks, “My vision will take you into my world and aid you to see in the way that I do, thats my job as a photographer.” Locally, Suesz has been making his name known and adored in the fashion scene and is a student at the Art Institute of Charleston.

Charleston native Sandy Logan’s interest in photography began during architecture school. The artist within started a career-long investigation into the detail of not only the built environment but also the empty places that seized cast-offs of our disposable culture. Logan is the Vice President of the Board of Directors at Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston.

The exhibition “Elements” is on view through mid-April and is always free and open to the public at 57 1/2 Broad Street.