Stix n' Stones P.O.W.'s Munny Show spread smiles and acceptance

Image by Charlotte Gutman/TheDigitelImage by 20081101munny.jpg "Old Man Munny" by Connie O'Donald.

The Stix n’ Stones P.O.W.’s Munny Show played on Saturday, September, 27, at the Urban Outfitters Garden Theatre spreading awareness of hurtful images which penetrate the LGBT community.

The art was in the form of Munny, dolls decorated by various artists, all complying with the common theme of “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Not only was the purpose to spread the word of P.O.W. (prisoners of words), but the visitors enjoyed the danceable tunes by DJs Pandamonium and Mastadon while they nibbled on delicious finger-foods prepared by Jestine's Kitchen.

Sharon Mitchell, the event coordinator and creative director, discusses the event’s vivacious victory:
This night has surpassed my exptectations. It was an overwhelming success. I couldn’t have asked for better. We have had so much support and help with this. It’s just incredible.

Mitchell explains the Munnies as an allegory for defense against gay jokes:

When someone says a joke, a gay joke, you just gotta stand up for yourself kind of like what the Munny dolls are doing.

The Munny dolls are artistic symbols of strength and courage.

Have “acceptance without exception” and head over to the AFFA (Alliance for Full Acceptance) to learn how to get involved and help spread fairness and equality.