UPDATE: MB Intermediate School learns about humane treatment of animals

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Reading, writing and arithmetic are the basics we are taught at school. One local volunteer group looks to add learning topics on the humane treatment of animals to that list. 

This Tuesday, February 21, at 1 p.m., select classes of 4th and 5th graders at the Myrtle Beach Intermediate School will assemble to hear and learn about the humane treatment of animals. The program is being presented by local volunteers who devote their time to animal rescue.

Ann Taylor, Grand Strand resident and organizer of the event, has compiled a variety of topics for the one-hour assembly to be presented by various speakers with the intent to teach the youngsters about animal care, the role of a community humane society, the importance of training, and what a commitment to an animal entails. 

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Basic Animal Needs & Care
  • Importance of Spaying & Neutering
  • Proper Pet Handling
  • Responsibilities of Having a Pet
  • What Happens When an Animal Enters a Shelter
  • Introduction to Angel (a pit bull adopted from the Grand Strand Humane Society who has become a local ambassador for shelter dogs/pit bulls.) 

Presenting with Ms. Taylor are Janet Rod (a fellow volunteer), Trish & Craig Weintraub (owners of "Angel"), and Kristen Askey of Sunny Dogs Training.

If you are interested in scheduling a similar program at a local school or organization, please contact Ann Taylor at ast3509@aol.com

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