Caregiver Demonica Frazier accepting her award with BrightStar Care of Charleston clients, Barb and Joe Miller, and daughter, Deborah Miller.

Charleston Family Throws Heartwarming Surprise Ceremony for Devoted Caregiver

When Charleston resident Demonica Frazier reported to work Monday night, she was presented with the surprise of her life. Demonica was awarded Caregiver of the Year for the exceptional care she provides to 90-year-old couple, Barb and Joe Miller. Each year, thousands of families around the country have the opportunity to nominate their caregiver for BrightStar Care's Caregiver of the Year award by providing a heartfelt testimonial about the outstanding and devoted services delivered to their loved one. Daughter, Deborah Miller, wrote “Demonica always has a smile on her face when greeting clients and has a playful spirit, all while being mature beyond her years. She has lifted the spirits of my parents many days during some very challenging times and I rest easier each night knowing that she is there.” Working with the nominating family, Demonica’s employer, BrightStar Care of Charleston, arranged for a surprise “reveal event” at Ashley Park, complete with a trophy, sash, cake and a heartwarming speech from colleagues and family members.