Two robberies at local BWW's in one week (Update: Suspect caught; Pastor at NY church)

Flickr user Bob B. Brown

Update January 7, 2012: Horry County Police Department updated their Facebook page to announce they have captured Drumgoole at a New York church where he serves as a pastor.

More details are here.

Update December 12, 2011: The victim of the mugging in the Buffalo Wild Wings bathroom speaks out and Horry County police have positively identified the attacker. 

161 WMBF has video of the bathroom victim describing the attack in detail. See it here. Horry County police are now looking for Anthony Lee Drumgoole to charge him with armed robbery, financial transaction card fraud, and kidnapping. Drumgoole is 23 years-old and HCPD say he should be considered armed and dangerous. Any information about Drumgoole can be called in anonymously to 843-915-5350. More details can be found on the Horry County Police Blog.

First Report: Last night, Dec. 6 at 11 p.m., the Carolina Forest location of Buffalo Wild Wings fell victim to an armed robbery. The good news is the suspects were apprehended. The bad news is that this was the second time in eight days HCPD have responded to a BWW's call for help.

160 The first incident was on Nov. 27 at 7:30 p.m.  A male victim went to use the restroom and was forced into a stall at knifepoint. The assailant took his wallet, keys, and mobile phone before making the victim undress. The suspect left the scene in a white four-door vehicle and as of this writing has not been caught. His picture is to the left and more details can be found on the Horry County Police blog. See it here.

For the second robbery, two men entered the kitchen through the back door brandishing firearms and demanding money. The manager was forced into the office where he opened the safe and handing over the cash inside. Horry County Police put out an A.P.B. and pulled over the suspects' car. The money was recovered but the investigation remains open while HCPD looks for a possible third suspect. More details are on the HCPD website.

We're glad nobody has been physically hurt by these crimes. BWW's has been a hospitable venue for many Digitel business meetings over the past year.