Is H&M coming to Charleston?

Image by Flickr user JoeInSouthernCA

Update June 17: Williams-Sonoma is moving and another spot is opening up nearby; get the update here.

The rumor that H&M is coming to downtown Charleston got kicked up publicly this morning on Twitter.

Specifically the rumor was that the Swedish budget friendly clother would set up shop on King Street near the other recent addition to King Street: trendy budget-friendly clother Forever 21

But is it true that Williams-Sonoma is departing 281 King and H&M taking over the spot? — If you haven't yet guessed, we weren't able to get confirmation (or denial) from H&M corporate. But, it does sound like Williams-Sonoma's lease is nearing an end and the turnover to H&M could be a win-win, and that H&M has been interested in setting up shop in Charleston for some time.

So, stay tuned. In the meantime you'll have to keep driving to Atlanta for your H&M fix.

We'll be sure to let you know what we hear.

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