Local artists Phillip Hyman talks about his unyielding passion for art

Charleston native Phillip Hyman has been cranking out artwork since the tender age of 8. Now, at 52, Hyman, also known as "the Machine," is your go-to man if you're looking to get exposure as a fledgeling artist.

Hyman's creativity and versatility as an artist gives him very little downtime, and that's a great thing. The man spouts out art like a faucet, but, when he does have spare time, he loves to curate underground art shows highlighting the talents of artists of all ages and skill levels.

The Charleston City Paper has a nice profile piece on Hyman in which he shares details about his life, his passion for art, and information on the new bi-monthly 'Eyeball Art Show' at Jimbo's Rock Lounge that he's curating.

Hop over and take a read.

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