Charleston Fashion Week: Charlotte vs. Brian

Image by TheDigitelImage by 20090325-street.jpg It's Brian against Charlotte, with a little additional commentary from Stella (far right).

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Charleston Fashion Week is here and Digitel interns Charlotte Gutman and Brian Wilder will be on the scene and bringing you rival updates.

Here's a primer on them, and expect their first showdown tonight. You'll be able to follow all of their showdown on our Charlotte vs. Brian topic page.

Charlotte Gutman

To me, Charleston Fashion Week is an important time for spectators and fashionistas
alike, justifying the importance of each attendees' presentation.

Given that Brian and I will represent TheDigitel every night of the week-long event, I look forward to creating roughly 5 outfits. I attend the College of Charleston, so I live off a student budget. I plan to hit the thrift stores this weekend to perfect my CFW looks for the nights del fashion. My sewer friend, Erin, and I will dust off the sewing machine and work some magic on what I find to create something new for me.

I think it will be a great way to present myself at fashion week in order to keep in the spirit of the 'recessionista vibe.' Anyone can look like a million bucks with some creativity, and I plan to rock the week with mine. For me the focus of Charleston Fashion Week is more about art and performance.

I'll be hitting the tents Tuesday through Saturday, looking extra dapper with what i find at the local thrift stores combined with the droogs from my closet. I hope to see you all there looking great and feeling creative.

-- CMG

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Brian Wilder

I am so excited about being in the tents of Marion Square for Charleston Fashion Week. I feel there is a lack of the male perspective for CFW and it is time to represent the fellas. That's where I come in. Before this week is over, I will make sure that the male population is keen on what the better half needs, wants, loathes and desires. Consider my musings a sort of sartorial reconnaissance.

Everyone keeps talking about this thing called a recession? What recession? My stock quote may be in the gutter and assets taken a turn for the worse, but that does not mean you (or anyone else, for that matter), should have to look the part as well. My wardrobe has always been about the minute details like tie bars, money clips, pocket squares and leather-strapped watches. Just because you may have lost a million dollars, you don't have to look like it.

The Emerging Designers finals runway show was my absolute favorite last year, that I hope to be wowed 20 times over this year. You have to first understand that I am not so much a proprietor of fashion as I am style. The finalist show is the physical culmination of everything that a designer has ever been taught or assimilated into their mindset. It's a combination of what they know and everything that they hope to acquire in the future. That's what it's all about.

I will be hitting the fashion tents on Tuesday, so check back to see CFW from my perspective.

-- BJW

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