Swedish tall ship visiting Charleston (updated)

Image by Flickr user Drewhound Image by 20090320-boat.jpg

Update March 24: The Charleston Observer went down and checked out the Gunilla, and put together a little video tour of the boat and some chats with the crew. -- Just keep in mind that being a videographer isn't the Observer's first trade, still it provides a "being there" feel. Go take a peek.

First reporting: The Swedish tall ship Gunilla docked at Charleston's Maritime Center today carrying 38 teenagers and 12 staff.

The 160-foot Barquentine is marking its eighth visit in nine years to the Holy City. So, if you're curious go down to the dock and look around, you might be able to chat up one for the students or staff.

You can view a bunch of shots of the boat over at Flickr.

Here's a bit about the history of the ship from their Web site:

The square-rigged barque Gunilla was originally launched as a cargo vessel at the Oskarshamn Shipyard in 1940 of pre-war, top-quality steel and she navigated Swedish waters until 1997. Today, the ship is chartered by "Den Seglande Gymnasieskolan" (The Sailing Upper-Secondary School) for a greater part of the season. This sailing school represents an educational program which combines theory and practice in a new, exciting concept for students.

Update March 21: The Post and Courier has posted an extended write-up.