Clean Regattas program seeking volunteers for Charleston Race Week

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Ocean conservation organization Sailors for the Sea is seeking volunteers and interns to help implement the Clean Regattas program during Charleston Race Week from April 13th - 17th.

Sailors for the Sea educates and empowers boaters around the country to protect oceans and coastal waters through a series of education and action programs. The biggest and most far-reaching program is Clean Regattas, a free program that helps regattas, yacht clubs and sailing programs reduce the environmental impact of our activities. Using the resources and materials that we have developed at Sailors for the Sea, we work with each participant to determine the best ways to make simple, effective changes that will preserve the beauty and quality of the local waters.

Sailors for the Sea helps events implement specific actions, but is limited by a small staff and cost of travel. For this reason, we are seeking to enlist volunteers and interns in Charleston help organize and implement on the ground activities such as recycling programs and water bottle initiatives. A staff member from Sailors for the Sea will be present for the event to help coordinate responsibilities.

Description of Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Help organize recycling stations around the event site
  • Maintain recycling sites throughout event by emptying and replacing bags
  • Maintain water bottle filling station; track water usage throughout event
  • Table to promote programs and share resources with visitors/Sign up members and email list subscribers for Sailors for the Sea
  • Encourage visitors and racers to purchase carbon offsets for their travel/Maintain compost station (possible)
  • Help with set-up and breakdown of event (April 13 and 17).

Intern Responsibilities are the same as above, plus:

  • Organize future Clean Regatta events in Charleston and maintain a presence for the program and Sailors for the Sea at other sailing and coastal events.

Visit for a full program description and resources. Contact Chris Mancini at or at (401) 846-8900 to volunteer. Interns are eligible to receive course credit for their work. Volunteers are eligible for certified volunteer hours. All receive free Sailors for the Sea membership.

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