Bowen's Island Restaurant to rebuild but keep history, environment

Image by Flickr user Vintage212Image by 20090420-bowens.jpg The old restaurant just before the fire. You can see how one just can't simply clone it with much authenticity.

Robert Barber, owner of the local favorite Bowen's Island Restaurant needs to build a new building for all of his oyster-eating diners, and The Post and Courier's Robert Behre chatted with Barber about his plans.

If you recall, the main building was devastated by fire back in 2006, and Barber has been devising just how he should build the new main building. Barber wants to recreate the mystique of a building expanded over six-decades of business, but also have it up to code, hurricane resistant, and environmentally friendly. 

Tied together, it's no small task. Hop over to the paper for the rundown of what to expect.