From advancing Chinese studies, to taking fitness to neighborhood children

More than $800,000 in new grant-funded projects underway this fall at The Citadel

At any given time there are dozens of grant-funded projects underway at The Citadel supporting research, innovation and leadership opportunities for cadets and students. The grants are awarded to The Citadel, faculty, cadets and students by private foundations and government entities through highly competitive processes.

“At The Citadel there are many research and educational opportunities that are collaboratively funded through grants. These opportunities can enrich the college experience for cadets, and the graduate school experience for students, as they become directly involved in working beside a professor, developing new technologies or affecting change,” said Leigh Lipscomb, Director of Grants for The Citadel Foundation. “It’s exciting that the college has more than doubled the number of grants earned over the past decade thanks to the work of our distinguished faculty, combined with the addition of a fulltime grant writer at The Citadel.”

Examples of the colleges 2015-16 grant funded projects include:

Advancing proficiency in Chinese language, literature and culture

The primary focus of The Citadel’s Project GO Grant is to bolster the Chinese language program and to provide domestic and overseas instruction to qualified ROTC students.

Dr. Zane Segel professor, The Citadel Department of Modern Languages; Associate Dean for Student Engagement for The Citadel Graduate College


A sustainable design framework for developing and assessing engineering students’ cognitive flexibility

The goals of this NSF-sponsored project will be to (1) collect expert conceptions about sustainability and sustainable design, (2) create educational materials for undergraduate engineering students to incorporate concepts and skills deemed essential by experts, (3) implement educational materials into undergraduate engineering courses and (4) develop and apply assessment tools to quantify the effectiveness of educational interventions.

Dr. Mary Katherine Watson, professor, The Citadel Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, in collaboration with James Madison University


Charleston promise neighborhood

1. CHEEFS: This program, for students in grades K-5, is guided by The Citadel Health, Exercise and Sports Science (HESS) faculty, graduate students and cadets. Cadets who are leading in fitness serve as role models by engaging students in neighborhood schools in physically active, goal-directed, fun fitness and health initiatives.

2. Young Authors. Young Authors engages students in exploring their lives and community through multi-media reviews of past, present and future in order to develop positive identities and writing skills. The process culminates in the creation of an autobiographical illustrated book which is professionally printed.

Dr. Conway Saylor, professor, The Citadel Department of Psychology; Krause Center for Leadership and Ethics Director of Service Learning


Drilled pier design guide and research

Provided by the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI), the purpose of this research is to create a new CRSI Design Guide on Drilled Piers and an associated user-friendly spreadsheet that designs drilled piers using the theory described within the design guide.

Dr. Timothy Mays, professor, The Citadel Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Palmetto Academy undergraduate research in physics

Provided by the South Carolina Space Consortium, this grant will provide funding for the continuing research on the development and testing of the Atsa Suborbital Observatory. (More than id="mce_marker"00,000 in grants for this project to date).

Dr. Luke Sollitt, professor, with Dr. Russell Hilleke, professor, The Citadel Department of Physics


Asset management engineering research

Provided by the South Carolina Department of Transportation, this grant funds support for research in best-practices for roadway inventory development to support future planning, safety analysis and other enterprise data needs.

Dr. Jeff Davis, professor, The Citadel Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, in collaboration with Clemson University


Lindera melissifolia research

Provided by Gulf South Research Corporation, this grant supports research about an endangered form of native Southeastern plant commonly called the pondberry or southern spice bush.

Dr. Joel Gramling


Wave dissipation system

One of multiple grants provided over several years for this ongoing research project. The research aids in the design and monitoring of an experimental investigation aimed at better understanding the overall performance of a wave dissipation system installed on several beaches in South Carolina.

Dr. Timothy Mays, professor, The Citadel Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Cross-slope verification research

Provided by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT), this grant includes performing a comparison of the mobile scanning technology and conventional survey methods for cross slope verification. It will also be used to establish a validation site that contains tangent and curve sections using traditional survey methods that may then be used to qualify mobile scanning vendors. A third objective is to establish SCDOT guidelines for testing procedures and data delivery.

Dr. Jeff Davis, professor, The Citadel Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Bystanders to reduce sexual assault and dating abuse

This 2015 Avon Campus Grant provides funds to be used in the creation of an awareness campaign about bystanders getting involved in preventing and stopping sexual assault and dating abuse.

Linda Riedel, C.A.R.E assistant director, The Citadel


Latino American-500 years of history

Provided by the National Endowment of the Humanities and American Library Association. The program is designed to facilitate informed discussion in communities about Latino history in the United States.

Dr. Nancy Aguirre, professor, The Citadel Department of History