A floating crab race at the Softshell Crab Festival

Port Royal Crab Race

Yep, we're in peak crab news season as Port Royal's Softshell Crab Festival is Saturday — but this year you've also got a shot at winning a couple grand.

That's 2,000 dollars, not 2,000 crabs.

The Rotary clubs of the Beaufort and Lowcountry have banded together to host the first "Port Royal Crab Race" to raise money for local and international charities.

Some 5,000 of the plastic crabs you see up top will be dropped into the Battery Creek adjacent to the board walk in Port Royal with each crab having a unique number from 1 to 5000, the first 10 crabs to cross the finish line will get their donors a cash prize from $100 to $2,000. 

Adopt a crab on their website for $10.

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