Beaufort charter school sues over enrollment restrictions (update: Yet more enrollment/building drama)

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Updated April 20: It's pretty amazing that a school that's performing, well, better than the state average can cause this much drama for city and school district officials, yet Riverview continues to find itself in the paper.

First, regarding the pitch for a permanent location, Riverview was before Beaufort City Council last night as they discussed the possibility of putting the school in Beaufort Elementary. You can read the Island Packet writeup on that here.

What we didn't see in that article is how the Riverview in Beaufort Elementary plan jibes with the school district's plan to place a public Montessori program in that building.

Also in the news is  the school district's call for Riverview to up minority enrollment. You can read the Packet's writeup on that here.

Updated April 10: The Island Packet's editorial team states that the last thing this situation between Riverview and the school district needs is a lawsuit.

With the taxpayer footing the bill on both sides of this lawsuit, nobody wins.

Check out the editorial here. 

Reported April 5: Sure Riverview Charter School - which is Beaufort County's first charter school - and the Beaufort County School District got off to a bit of a rough start.

But with the school exceeding the state testing averages in its first year that's all gotta be in the past, right?

Not so fast.

The charter school is suing the school district as the district tries to restrict how many students the charter is able to enroll this fall.

Check out the full story at The Island Packet

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