Medicaid, abortion, unemployment, ATVs and more: It's a list of what's on the plate for S.C. lawmakers

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Watching legislation be made is a lot like watching what a group will go for at a buffet: Some clearly healthy options are left aside for their unpalatablness, some options are universally popular, and some just wish folks would stop with the triple serving of fried crab rangoon. 

Now, that long intro aside, there was quite a smattering of options up for debate this week at the S.C. Statehouse ranging from ATV safety, dishwasher phosphorus levels, abortion insurance, school construction, medicaid funding, and unemployment insurance debt. 

The Post and Courier has a nice overview of all those items; read that here. And you can get more details on all those proposal over at the Statehouse's website.

Meanwhile the Statehouse Report has an overview of what's coming up next week; read that here.

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