Is a 'Prince of Tides' TV series in the works?

Flickr user bz3rk

We first caught wind of the "The Prince of Tides" being turned into a series on the Pat Conroy fan page on Facebook..

According to a mid-September post on the website Deadline Hollywood, which was passed along on the Conroy Facebook page, ABC indeed is working on adapting the "Prince of Tides" novel into a series.

Here's some of what the site reports:

"... the hourlong project is expected to stay closer to Pat Conroy's 1986 novel than to the 1991 Columbia Pictures movie starring Barbra Streisand and Nick Nolte that it spawned."

Several other websites, including IMDb, confirm the Deadline Hollywood report, though there's still no word on when this series first would air.

The 1991 film was shot in Beaufort and Conroy, who lives on Fripp Island, is of course a favorite son of the region.

Now the question is will the series try to recreate some of the original Beaufort feel by shooting on location here in town?

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