A new Dollar General in store for Ribaut Road in Beaufort (update: Opening soon)

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Not the store in question, but you get the idea.

Updated March 24: We saw them attaching the sign and loading the store with product today, so we expect the opening is just a few weeks if not days away. 

With the new Dollar General already opening in Port Royral already, northern Beaufort County is really putting itself on the Dollar General map.

Reported Feb. 2: The murmurings in The Island Packet were on the mark, the discount store Dollar General will be locating to a new space on Ribaut Road in Beaufort.

That's according to a report by The Beaufort Tribune.

The online paper's publisher, George Trask, also owns the Dollar General's new home at 1100 Ribaut Road. And, yes, this isn't the only Dollar General going up in the area, new locations are at the old Grayco building at 180 Sea Island Parkway on Lady's Island and another at 548 Parris Island Gateway near Shell Point.

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