Beaufort getting a Buffalo Wild Wings

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Update July 10: The location is now open.

Update January 7: As you may have noticed, construction has begun for the Buffalo Wild Wings. The Island Packet has short update that notes this is several months behind original plans. I'd look for them to open in late May.

First reporting: Beaufort has seen a series of locally owned sports-themed wing joints pop up and fail over the last five years or so, which is why it's a little surprising to see that our sleepy little town appears to have landed a Buffalo Wild Wings.

The Island Packet has a report that the chain bar/wing joint will be headed for S.C. 170 near the Golden Corral. 

But to be honest, Beaufort does seem to love its chains, so BWW likely will succeed by capitalizing on its national presence and immense marketing budget.

You can read the Packet writeup here.

The Packet story also includes an update on Olive Garden/Red Lobster and news of a sandwich place opening where Rita's used to be in Beaufort Town Center.

To be honest I had no idea Rita's had closed.

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